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Autumn Vision Board Workshop @Happydashery


A chance to come together, get inspired, visualise, connect with each other, and gain focus for the future – one season at a time.

Join me at Happydashery for an evening of creatively visualising your way into next season, accompanied by an inspiring seasonal playlist to guide your direction.

Whether this is motivation for your next creative work, focus for your business aspirations, or grounding yourself for the months ahead.

Bring your favourite seasonal magazine/s and I will provide the rest!

We will have time together to gather colour, words and images, ready to create a vision for your future and something tangible to check in with over the coming months. There will be some gentle coaching guidance to help you secure your intentional actions for the upcoming quarter.

Date: 23/09/24
time: 19:00-21:00
Cost: £35

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