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Creative Wander

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Join me in the great outdoors to walk and talk your way to

change, conviction + success


  • Are you treading water, instead of moving towards your vision for the future?
  • Do you lack motivation and structure and find yourself procrastinating when you want to make change?
  • Is a fear of financial struggle stopping you from taking the next step towards your goals?
  • Are you fed up with falling into the admin trap, stuck behind your laptop?

If any of these sound familiar, let’s work together to overcome your challenges and leave you with the conviction and freedom you long for in your life and work.

Creative Wander is a bespoke 1:1 coaching experience that will take you into the great outdoors where the seasons and infinite expanse of nature will power your ideas and unravel your thoughts. 

This transformative coaching experience will support you in designing a deliberate life that supports you to achieve what you desire.



Are you ready to kick-start change in your life?


‘I started the session feeling apprehensive, lethargic, and stuck in a rut. I left with a raised sense of clarity, positivity, self-awareness, and motivation: inspired to prioritise my creative processes.’


‘Tommy made me feel so at ease with her kind, non-judgemental demeanour.’

You will experience:

  • Exposure to natural elements that will inspire new ideas and perspectives, leading to more innovative thinking.
  • Greater self-awareness, emotional resilience, and mental processing, promoted by slow paced walking.
  • A sustainable and achievable strategy for harnessing your habits in a way that works towards your individual goals.
  • A renewed mindset free from limiting beliefs, giving you the courage to move forwards with your next steps.

Why take our coaching conversation on a walk?

  • Reduces stress: Walking in nature lowers cortisol levels and anxiety.
  • Enhances focus: Research shows nature restores attention, making it easier to concentrate and engage fully in our coaching conversations.
  • Facilitates reflection: Step into the ideal environment for reflection, goal-setting, and personal growth with the rhythmic motion of walking and peaceful surroundings of nature.


‘With it not being a face-to-face talk, but side-by side, I felt unburdened, free to talk and express some pent up emotions and negative thoughts.’


    • Once we’ve had a chemistry call and you’ve made the decision to take your first step towards change, I’ll send you a personalised in-depth questionnaire.
    • I’ll use your responses to tailor and shape our sessions – everyone’s experience will be completely unique.
    • Over a period of 3 or 6 months, we’ll have 1 x 1:1 coaching walk per month. This can be in person, or via phone call.
    • You’ll have access to weekday support via email or Voxer throughout the process.




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